Our Mission is  to Combine Forces to Bring About Better Solutions! 

We are a nimble team of dedicated designers, developers, marketers, business professionals, digital media elites, writers, bloggers, speakers, idealists, and strategists; compelled to help guide businesses, entrepreneurs, and dreamers down the right path. Through key research and analysis, innovative ideas, interactive design, collaboration, and of course much passion we help people and organizations build intuitive online experiences that generate business.

Each team member is an expert in various fields in which we bring together to offer you a plethora of services that you can select individually or together to enhance and help grow and optimize your business.

Brand Darts help companies engage consumers and develop their voice to communicate their brand culture. We connect brands and people through the things they love, are passionate about, and are involved in products, services, and experiences. We not only help you understand your audience but also understand yourself. We have various mentoring and leadership programs that can help you and/or your teams grow and develop.  Ultimately, we will help you on your quest to success!

Our Methodology: Understanding Your “Why” Leads to Articulating Your Story 

The Power of Stories Creates Trust. Trust Leads to Loyalty.
Loyalty Leads to Brand Advocates & Sales.
Let Us Help You Articulate Your Story & Humanize Your Brand in Hopes of Increasing Revenue.

At our agency, we do not begin a single engagement without examining our client’s “why”. Our entire methodology pushes and places this essential question at the center, where it belongs, and identifies the fundamental purpose of why our clients are in business. We want to understand your “why” to be able to illustrate your story to others.

Storytelling is a method of building strong relationships with your customers and a thriving community of loyalists over time. Your story identifies what your passions are and serves as the foundation for all your future content developments. We want to make your story personal. People trust other people.

The core reason why your story should be personality-driven is so that it will provide someone real for customers to trust. Trust not only leads to maintaining a sense of pride of being involved with your company’s products and/or services. They can relate and understand your message and what you stand for. This is what BD wants to bring to the table. Your story to others. But not only your story, but for them to be able to understand it and relate to it.

A Word From Our CEO & Founder

What Is The Purpose of Brand Darts?

Brand Darts is a collection of professionals who individually offer similar or complementary services and expertise on their own. Brand Darts does not have its own clients of itself as the clients would be passed to our team members in a collaborative effort under the BD banner, but synergizes the collective presence of the individuals on our team to surface opportunities for them to acquire clients and work as well as allowing some great individual experts to collaborate together when necessary/possible on projects. (At least that’s basically my idea)

So How Did Brand Darts Even Get Started?

 I had the idea to just connect these great colleagues of mine (who are really more like family to me) to team up “Avenger” style and do great things and help people using their elite skills to succeed in business and in the digital media world. The ironic thing is “Brand Darts” is actually an acronym: Brand Digital Agency Run by Troy Sandidge. I know right, who puts that much detail into things? (Well I do but I digress…) I love what I do and so does everyone on our team! Please go to their websites and see what they’re doing as well! You won’t regret it. Brand Darts is just a collaborative effort of great minds coming together to achieve and do great things for great people and businesses (did I use “great” enough times?). We’re a passionate, silly, funny, creative, experienced, maybe even quirky bunch who are just trying to do what we love to do (and hopefully make a solid living out of it). I will admit this message may come off a little unorthodox in approach but I would rather express a message that’s authentic and quite frankly just me being me. Our line of work is very serious and we take pride in performing services to the best of our abilities, but this line of work also allows us to not only be “business formal” but silly, quirky, fun, and creative.

Brand Darts is 100% about my team (no correction my second family). This was all created for them. They’re doing amazing things on their own, I just figured every once in awhile, when someone requests services and has a challenge, the team can come together to solve it and make things happen (again “Avenger” style). You want a group of business professionals that work together like a well oiled machine, you have the right group. You want a group that will treat you like family, totally us. If you want an agency who can be real with you and work with people from all walks of life, who understand what it takes to succeed and the sacrifices made to chase a dream or a goal, Brand Darts it is. We’re here to help not just the big brands, but the local businesses on the corner. No matter what your level in the digital media spectrum is, BD can work with you. We’re a patient group who truly want to make a difference! This website is forever changing and updating (partially because I’m a bit of a perfectionist) but I hope something you saw or read compelled you to look into our team and what we do even further!

Let me be clear we’re not your typical “branding agency”. As a matter of fact we’re an “agency of agencies”. We’re just different and it works. We’re a Worker Cooperative and if you’re wondering what in the world that is click here. But that’s what I love about this group and if you give us a chance I’m sure you will too. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to working with you or at least having an awesome conversation.

Feel free to connect & network with us as well! (We’re big on Twitter Chats around here).

My Philosophy: 






– T

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Mission. The Right People. The Right Solutions.

We are about helping people and businesses be at their best in Branding, Digital Media, and Business!


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No matter what your business is, proper branding is important to success!

Connect The Dots!

Branding is a foundation piece that needs to be established properly to achieve  your professional goals. Branding is our thing and it incorporates many different forms.


Digital Media World is hard to navigate. We can map out a plan for you!

Let's Get Digital!

Rest assure we will incorporate the proper strategy, business and/or digital media plan, social platforms, ideas, and much more to help you navigate to your target niche online.


We not only provide digital media but also practical business solutions.

Business Matters!

Our services are useless without a clear understanding of what you want. Our team can help you build your business, leadership, & personal skills with programs.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

Meet The Crew, Our Gurus.

We’ve assembled a great group of entrepreneurs, social media marketers, business leaders, CEOs, start-up and non profit founders, speakers, graphic designers, community mangers, event coordinators, consultants, and much more to assist you in every avenue of your business. Each member has their own strengths and expertise they bring to the table making our overall team stronger and more efficient, offering more services for you to utilize to reach your target goals and success! This team of experts is here to help you. You can reach out to the each of us individually depending on what you need or you can easily  place a general inquiry on our contact page expressing what you need and the right person will be in contact with you.

Troy Sandidge
Troy SandidgeCEO & Founder


Troy is the CEO & Founder of Brand Darts. He is also the Marketing Communication Specialist for Eastek. He is the Founder of GifWolfPack & OTRChat. His idea was to connect elite skilled people doing their own thing together in hopes of helping people & businesses grow!

Troy’s Website
Social Media Marketing 96%
Video Editing & Producing 94%
Interviewing / Story Telling 93%
Branding 91%
Workaholic 100%
Geli Mata
Geli MataChief Operating Officer


Angelica “Geli” is the Programming Committee Chair for Tedx San Antonio. She leads the committee that chooses the speakers, coaches them prior, & programs the day of the event. Geli is the Founder of Take One Chat. She is also the Co-Founder of GifWolfPack.

Geli’s Website
Relationship Building 92%
Technically Adept 95%
Creativity 95%
Visual Production 95%
Strategic Planning 95%
Musolë Kambinda
Musolë KambindaChief Branding Officer


Musolë is the CEO & Founder of Solé Creative Marketing Agency. He is all about building brand presence. He is a graphic designer extraordinaire, great at SEO copywriting, and is an elite Snapchat power user. Sole is also an original GifWolfPack Member and part of the OTRChat team.

Musole’s Website
Marketing 92%
Graphic Design 96%
Social Media 90%
Snapchat 96%
SEO 93%
Jeff Renoe
Jeff RenoeChief Content Offier


Jeff is an ad guy turned content marketing guru. He is a content guy and blogger for Dickson. Jeff is a creative soul, an advocate of behavioral health, and an aspiring writer / author. Jeff is also an original GifWolfPack member.

Jeff’s Website
Content Development 91%
Advertising 86%
Content Writing 97%
Strategy 88%
“Gifing” 100%
Valerie Martinelli
Valerie MartinelliChief Business Officer


Valerie is the CEO & Founder of VMC. She is the Founder of Innovate 50/50 & Host of #InnovateWomen Chat. She is a business, entrepreneur, & life coach. Valerie is also a mentor and keynote speaker.

Valerie’s Website
Coaching & Development 98%
Entrepreneurship 92%
Public Speaking 96%
Management 93%
Leadership Development 97%
Brittany N. Williams
Brittany N. WilliamsChief Marketing Officer


Brittany is an actress and staff writer for Black Nerd Problems. She is a social media extraordinaire, blogger, content strategist, and digital media manager. Brittany is also a GifWolfPack member.

Brittany’s Website
Writer / Blogger 94%
Content Strategy 90%
Digital Media Management 92%
Acting / Public Speaking 94%
Twitter Engagement 97%
Jacob Rouser
Jacob RouserChief Communications Officer


Jacob is a content marketing guru and content marketing developer for Skillsoft. He guides companies in telling the best version of their stories. He writes, manages social, and is always developing his skills. Jacob is also a GifWolfPack member.

Jacob’s Website
Writing / Editing 98%
Telling Stories 90%
Email Marketing 93%
Project Planning 83%
Dreaming Big 100%
Stephanie Yoon
Stephanie YoonChief Creative Offier


Stephanie has a passion for film. She can speak English, Spanish, & Korean. She is an up and coming social media pro who has created original content for various platforms. Steph is the Co-Founder of Take One Chat and a member of the GifWolfPack.

Stephanie’s Website
Videos 88%
Social Media Strategy 86%
Twitter 91%
Project Planning 83%
Communications 92%

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition, & Determination.

We Are Creative

We Have Intuition

We Got Determination

We Are Very Innovative, Our Passion For What Each Team Member Brings To The Table is Relentless, And We Are Different, We Flow Against The “Normal” Path, Making Us Unique.

We Are Innovative

We Have Passion

We Are Unique

Well Now That You Know About Us… Learn About Our Services!

From Social Media Marketing, To Graphic Design, To Content Strategy, To Business Programs… We got you!